17 Best Dropshipping Companies & Suppliers For Every Niche

Written by

Darren DeMatas



Written by

Darren DeMatas


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Are you looking to become a first-time dropshipper? Perhaps you’ve become frustrated by your present dropshipper’s supply times.

Your journey has led you here to us, and it couldn’t be a better time! We’ve left no stone unturned to guide you through these uncharted waters and bring you some of the best dropshipping companies. Whether you’re stepping into the arena as a beginner or looking for a promising substitution for your current dropshipper, we’ve got your back. 

If you’ve been using Oberlo and are now searching for an alternative due to its forthcoming shutdown, you’re in the right place! We’ve identified a range of companies that excel in the dropshipping business and are ready and well-equipped to step in and seamlessly fill the gap left by Oberlo. Plus, we’ve highlighted several solid options based in the USA for those looking for domestic suppliers. Excited to explore these options? Let’s dive in!

Top Dropshipping Companies

Inventory Source 

Inventory Source Screenshot

Inventory Source operates as a dropship network. They offer an extensive, free supplier directory, bestowing access to over 150 major suppliers in nearly every niche. With a wide range of products spanning multiple industries, you can access everything from consumer electronics to games, toys, and even pet supplies catering to a diverse customer base.

With inventory syncing abilities and automatic product data uploads, Inventory Source becomes a significant player for easy product sourcing. Also, this service is compatible with numerous well-known ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, and BigCommerce

Their subscription models are tailored to cater to varying business demands. These include: 

  • A free plan, ideal for those exploring the dropshipping landscape for the first time, offers unrestricted access to their expansive free supplier directory.
  • The ‘Automate’ plan costs $99 per month and is designed for those ready to accelerate and automate their business processes.
  • The ‘Full Automate’ plan provides comprehensive access to order automation and product data sync for professionals aspiring for flawless business functioning for $199 per month.

Though the premium plans are expensive, they are packed with extensive features, ensuring you get value for your money. Consider these plans a strategic investment for your business expansion. 

Inventory Source USA Suppliers

Another commendable feature of Inventory Source is its ease in identifying local US suppliers. Their user-friendly platform design simplifies spotting and connecting with American suppliers. This feature reduces the time spent in product sourcing and enhances the chances of finding high-quality, reliable US-based suppliers. Therefore, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned entrepreneur in the dropshipping sector, Inventory Source offers a smooth pathway for sourcing products from the USA using their free supplier directory.

Here are some of their US-based suppliers:

You can access those companies and over 5,000 more US-based suppliers through the Inventory Source integration.



When it comes to print-on-demand services, Printify competes at the top. As a dropshipping company, they provide an extraordinary range of customizable product options to cater to your unique business needs.

They offer various categories, including clothing, home & living, accessories, and more. Looking to sell personalized t-shirts, hoodies, or jackets? Printify has got you covered. Perhaps you’re more interested in home accessories like custom pillows, posters, or mugs? They excel in that department, too. Even backpacks, phone cases, and laptop sleeves aren’t beyond their capabilities.

Exemplifying their dedication to variety and quality, Printify offers a broad array of products that are assembled right here in the USA. This selection includes hoodies, mugs, caps, and shirts.

Printify USA Products

These high-quality, USA-assembled products provide superior craftsmanship and faster turnaround times for your business. So, if you’re seeking to add USA-assembled merchandise to your dropshipping store, Printify has a multitude of options to consider



If you’re seeking global reach in your dropshipping venture, then Gelato should be your choice. This company is well-known for its staggering 100+ production sites in over 30 countries worldwide. They offer various customizable products, from apparel to home décor and more, all at competitive prices.

Moreover, Gelato’s robust API integration enables seamless connectivity with your ecommerce platform. You’ll appreciate their aspiration for sustainable business practices, with measures in place to reduce carbon footprints in production operations. Gelato, truly, is a global dropshipping powerhouse that delivers! Sign up for a free account.

Syncee Dropshipping


Syncee is your go-to platform when you’re searching for a comprehensive dropshipping solution. This platform was co-founded by Peter Varga and Akos Gulyas in 2015. It offers an extensive range of products for you to choose from for your dropshipping business.

Their categories range from clothing and fashion to home goods and electronics, providing you with maximum flexibility in selecting products that align closely with your brand. As for the fees, Syncee has a free plan available, but to unlock more features, you may opt for their paid plans starting at $29 per month.

One of Syncee’s standout features is its seamless integration with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Ecwid, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. This integration keeps your product data up-to-date, allowing you to focus more on boosting sales and less on managing inventory.



This dropshipping company offers an impressive catalog with various products from over 100 suppliers. This means there’s no limit to the products you can sell, helping you increase your store’s diversity. As a member, you’ll have access to their easy-to-use listing tools for marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

The platform also provides detailed tracking of your orders, so you’re constantly in the loop. They offer several plans, each tailored to fit different needs. One outstanding feature that sets them apart is the ability to return unsold inventory, a huge plus for minimizing risk. This extensive feature list and excellent customer service make Wholesale2B one of our top dropshipping company recommendations.



Moving on to another excellent choice for dropshipping, SaleHoo needs to be on your radar. This New Zealand-based company, founded in 2005, features a rich directory of over 2.5 million products sourced from around 8000 suppliers worldwide.

Its rigorous vetting process sets SaleHoo apart from the competition, ensuring that each supplier is reliable and trustworthy. They offer a solid range of product categories and have a strong reputation for excellent customer service. Their competitive pricing shines through their easy-to-use market research lab, which helps you identify profitable products. SaleHoo offers an annual membership plan at a reasonable price, making it a beneficial long-term solution for your dropshipping business.



AliDropship stands out as an efficient choice on your dropshipping path. The sheer integration capability of AliDropship with AliExpress, an Alibaba subsidiary based in China, and your personal WordPress store is a standout feature. This immaculate integration simplifies your product catalog management by allowing you to add products directly from AliExpress into your inventory, bridging the gap between you and numerous Chinese suppliers. It also brings automation into the picture by handling order fulfillment and tracking. 

The service put forward by AliDropship includes various themes and plugins that aid in tailoring and enhancing your online store to boost traffic, engagement, and possible revenue. However, its unique pricing structure gives AliDropship an upper hand over its competitors. Unlike most dropshipping companies that charge a monthly fee, AliDropship surprises you with a one-time payment offering, making it an economical long-term investment in the dropshipping arena.


eBay AliExpress Dropshipping - Dropified

Dropified is a dynamic product supplier that revolutionizes how business owners operate their ecommerce stores. The company offers two distinct product options for shop owners to streamline their online stores. Either you can choose to source products made by others or have the team at Dropified dropship products made under your brand name. 

Adding these products to your store is a breeze, thanks to Dropified’s user-friendly interface. Once you’ve selected your desired items, Dropified takes over and ensures everything from product storage to getting the items shipped to your customers is taken care of. This comprehensive service lets you concentrate on what you do best — building your brand and connecting with your customers. 

Dropified’s innovative dropshipping software is designed with efficiency in mind, enabling items to be transported swiftly to their destination. The software not only takes the hassle out of completing these tasks manually but also experiences fewer errors, ensuring a smooth and positive shopping experience for your customers.

CJ Dropshipping


Founded in 2014, CJ Dropshipping is leading in the dropshipping ecosystem. Their primary aim is to simplify the drop-shipping process for entrepreneurs, thereby taking the hassle out of procuring products, packaging, and shipping. They offer an extensive product range, including electronics, apparel, home and garden items, and much more. 

Their pricing is highly competitive and follows a transparent model – you only pay for the product cost and shipping fee. There are no additional fees or monthly charges, which makes budgeting easy for businesses. Furthermore, they offer free access to their product sourcing and quotation services, a boon for businesses looking for unique or customized products.



Housing a high-performing warehouse in the heart of the United States (California, to be specific) is our next noteworthy dropshipping firm, Sellvia. This innovation was launched in 2021 by the well-versed eCommerce experts at AliDropship.

Sellvia has positioned itself as a speed-king in the sector by promising a rapid 1-3 day shipping timeframe anywhere in the US. This company proves desirable for retailers interested in a broad range of products – everything from home goods and electronics to fashion accessories. Sellvia is characterized by its affordability, with a monthly subscription fee of $39. However, this is quickly offset by the discounts offered on bulk orders.

The accompanying mondo database of product descriptions and images lends dropshippers time and creative freedom, allowing for a pleasant, streamlined experience.



If you’re aiming for efficient dropshipping, FindNiche might be your best bet—a platform launched back in 2019 by a group of tech savvies. The purpose was to develop a tool to help dropshippers with product ideas and explore profitable niches for their ecommerce stores. 

With over three million droppable products, FindNiche boasts a vast catalog, encompassing everything from electronics and fashion staples to home improvement items. One striking feature is that it carries products from top suppliers like AliExpress and Shopify. So, you can confidently cater to your customers, ensuring product quality and supplier reliability. 

FindNiche doesn’t charge any upfront or monthly fee. Their services come free! However, you may consider switching to their premium plans for more in-depth insights and data. The pricing is best checked on their website due to periodic changes.

DropShipping One


If you’re looking for a global dropshipping solution, DropShipping One could be your ideal partner. Initiated in 2018 by a group of expert digital entrepreneurs, this platform aids in connecting suppliers with e-commerce merchants across the globe. The platform boasts an impressive product range from fashion, electronics, and furniture to cosmetics, offering vast opportunities for a diverse range of e-commerce stores. 

One significant benefit of using DropShipping One is its transparency in fees. Service costs are straightforward and upfront, eliminating any hidden fees. The platform charges a flat fee per order, allowing you to plan your finances accurately. With DropShipping One, you can anticipate value-for-money service that could elevate your dropshipping business to new heights.


Modalyst Screenshot

Modalyst, a well-respected dropshipping platform, was founded by Jill Sherman and Alain Miguel in 2013. It boasts various products across numerous categories, including apparel, accessories, home decor, and beauty.

The platform stands out for its strong supply chain, which comprises US and European suppliers. This allows them to guarantee the quality of their products and ensure quick deliveries to their buyers. Modalyst also prides itself on its affordable pricing model, providing a free plan alongside paid plans, which vary from $35/month up to $90/month, depending on the number of items listed. 

In 2021, Modalyst was acquired by Wix, a leading web development platform. This development highlighted the company’s growth and success. This ownership has further solidified Modalyst’s uniqueness due to its seamless integration with other renowned ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce. These integrations simplify operations for ecommerce businesses, making Modalyst an appealing choice for many in the field.

Spocket Dropshipping


Spocket is a remarkable choice for a dropshipping app that serves entrepreneurs in North America and the European Union. This platform connects business owners with numerous US and EU-based suppliers, delivering high-quality products across numerous categories, including fashion, electronics, and home décor.

As a unique feature of this dropshipping app, Spocket offers branded invoicing—giving you a chance to put your unique stamp on every order. This aspect is invaluable in building your brand confidence. Additionally, their admirable order fulfillment system ensures you can ship products to your customers swiftly, aiding you in maintaining great customer relationships. So, if you’re keen on quick shipping and quality products from nearby suppliers using a powerful dropshipping app, Spocket could serve as your ideal platform.


Free Dropshipping Suppliers Branding EPROLO

EPROLO, a platform designed to simplify the dropshipping business for e-commerce enterprise owners worldwide, streamlines the process of connecting online businesses with an extensive range of reputable dropship suppliers and high-quality products.

Catering to diverse sectors like fashion, electronics, and home decor, EPROLO offers an impressive product portfolio. It levies no additional fees for its standard plan, presenting itself as an affordable solution for businesses stepping into the dropshipping market. 

Known for its effortless integration with major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, the platform enables efficient management of product listings, order tracking, and after-sales service. Hence, EPROLO distinguishes itself as a trustworthy, all-in-one solution for dropshipping requirements.


Doba Screenshot

Welcoming the giant in the dropshipping field, Doba. A true all-rounder, Doba was established in 2002 by Jeremy Hanks, John Kinzer, and Dave Carlson. They created a platform that provides the resources for entrepreneurs to connect directly with manufacturers and distributors.

A key to note about Doba is its extensive product range – you can find anything from electronics to apparel and everything in between, offering a striking diversity for any online store. However, keep in mind that Doba isn’t a free service. They offer various subscription plans ranging from $29 per month to a whopping $249 for an advanced package. Doba also shines in terms of integration, supporting all the major ecommerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and much more. 



Keeping your supply chain integrated and in sync is essential for smooth order processing. That’s where FlxPoint comes into play. This company offers an innovative cloud-based solution that leverages the power of inventory automation to help ecommerce businesses manage their operations end-to-end. Its powerful automation features ensure your inventory levels are accurately reflected across all platforms, resulting in quick order processing and prompt product shipments. 

In addition to providing top-notch inventory automation, FlxPoint facilitates seamless integration with major ecommerce platforms and offers a comprehensive dropshipping solution. With the resources to provide real-time data and analytics, FlxPoint lets you quickly resolve issues and make confident, data-driven decisions. 

On top of this, they provide seasoned customer support to help you overcome any logistical hurdles. If you want to streamline your ecommerce operations, FlxPoint’s seamless inventory automation and comprehensive dropshipping solution could be powerful allies in your business growth journey.

There are certain risks involved when you decide to venture into drop shipping. Having a heads-up on what you could encounter arms you well to handle such scenarios. Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • Inventory Control: In dropshipping, you lack control over stock and inventory. Any supplier shortage directly impacts your business and might leave you grappling with sourcing, resulting in unhappy customers.
  • Longer Delivery Time: The delivery time is often lengthened as products ship directly from the supplier to the customer. This can affect customer satisfaction if your supplier lacks a solid delivery network.
  • Slim Profit Margins: Owing to the high competition within the dropshipping market, profit margins could be squeezed as many sellers compete for customers.

Don’t let these challenges deter you. A fair share of successful e-commerce businesses have conquered these hurdles by strategically selecting their dropshipping company, focusing on unique marketing and customer servic

You can! In fact, one of the defining features of a dropshipping business model is the removal of the need to have a stocked inventory. Instead, your chosen dropshipping service owns and manages the inventory, eliminating the upfront cost for you.

You can get things rolling with practically zero investment! Your ecommerce business serves as the storefront, presenting the products from your dropshipping company to customers. When a customer places an order, it’s passed on to the dropshipping company for fulfillment. You only pay the wholesale price for that product after your customer purchases. You can even use established platforms to leverage your customer base and make your products accessible to a broader audience. For instance, you might be wondering about how to dropship on Amazon without money.

You can. In fact, leveraging multiple retailers may prove to be a strategic move for your business. By doing so, you have the potential to offer a wider variety of products, which could ultimately attract a broader share of the market. 

For a smoother experience managing multiple dropshipping companies, we highly recommend Inventory Source. Their significant advantage includes seamless integration with other platforms like Doba and MerchMixer, which could make your business operations more efficient. 

Still, it’s critical to remember that managing multiple suppliers can be quite a task. Each company may have unique procedures and communication styles requiring more of your time and attention. On top of this, there’s the question of shipping costs and delivery times. Will your customers be happy waiting for items from different dropshipping wholesalers? Will they be forking out for shipping costs? These are important considerations. 

When it comes to expanding your ecommerce store’s inventory, incorporating dropship products is the way to go. By utilizing dropshipping suppliers, you’re effectively delegating the fulfillment responsibilities to the experts. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you’re already juggling numerous tasks such as managing social media marketing. Using dropshipping vendors not only lessens your workload but also ensures your fulfillment duties are handled professionally.

When you choose a dropshipping company, consider the following:

  • Dropship company location
  • Where the company ships, i.e., throughout the country or world
  • Company reviews, and Better Business Bureau details
  • Type of dropshipping services available
  • Cost of services
  • Wholesale and dropshipping platform options

And when you pick a dropship supplier, think about these aspects:

  • Company location
  • Minimum order requirement 
  • Apps and platform options
  • Speed of delivery
  • Types of products the dropshipping supplier offers

Considering these factors, you’ll choose the right dropshipping company for your ecommerce store. With the right dropship supplier to stock your inventory and fulfill your orders, there’s time for you to handle other aspects of your business. 

You can take care of your marketing duties and bring new customers in. Also, look at market research to see which product categories sell. You want to choose the right products that lead to the highest sales. After all, you don’t just want an operational ecommerce store. You want a profitable ecommerce store.  

Selecting the right dropshipping company is an important step that can determine the success trajectory of your business. It requires careful consideration and a well-thought-out approach. Here are some steps to help you pinpoint the find the best dropshipping vendors for your needs. 

  1. Research and find products to dropship. If you need inspiration, check out these popular dropshipping stores.
  2. Define Your Requirements: Identify what you need in a dropshipping company. This might include specific product types or a desire for worldwide shipping.
  3. Research Potential Companies: Once you know what you’re looking for, research different companies to find a match with your requirements. Look at their pricing, product quality, and delivery times.
  4. Consider Their Reputation: Read reviews and check ratings to understand a company’s reputation. A reliable provider should have a track record of delivering on time and providing high-quality products.
  5. Analyze Their Communication: A top-notch dropshipping company will offer excellent customer service and communicate effectively. Try contacting them with a query to test their response time and clarity.
  6. Test Their Services: If possible, place a small order to test a company’s service firsthand before entrusting them with larger orders.

Ready To Work With Some Of The Best Dropshipping Suppliers?

Ultimately, the selection of top dropshipping companies plays a crucial role in the prosperity of your ecommerce venture. The ideal partner is one who can successfully manage your fulfillment requirements while ensuring a seamless operational procedure. 

Inventory Source and Syncee are known for their vast network of dropship suppliers and integrations with top ecommerce platforms. Printify and Gelato stand out for their exceptional print-on-demand services.

When choosing, consider factors such as product range, pricing, integration capability, customer service, and user reviews. Take time to explore and compare – your business, after all, is only as robust as your supply chain. Start pushing your ecommerce business to new heights today with these excellent dropshipping options.

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