31 Popular Shopify Stores to “Copy” for Success

Written by

Lucinda Honeycutt



Written by

Lucinda Honeycutt


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Want to start your own ecommerce business? Take a look at these most popular Shopify stores for inspiration. You shouldn’t copy them exactly (we’re not fans of violating copyright laws!), but you can take elements of each of them to build your business.

Popular Shopify Stores

Before we dive into the top Shopify sites, we’ll take a closer look at what makes people love the platform itself.

Why Entrepreneurs Love Shopify

Shopify is easy to use, affordable, and works well for various business models. You don’t need technical knowledge to set up a Shopify site since they handle hosting and security for you. This makes it easy to set up an online storefront, no matter what you’re selling. Whether you teach classes, drop ship items or run a print on demand business, you can streamline your online sales with Shopify.

Shopify Pricing Setup And Open Your Online Store Today – Free Trial

After your free trial, you can pay as little as $29/month to launch your store. Keep in mind, you may spend more on apps and extra features to provide a better customer experience. Still, compared to setting up a store from scratch, it is a quick and easy way to get straight to selling. Using a free or premium theme, you can set up a Shopify store within a couple of hours.

add new theme

This makes it easier for you to build your ecommerce empire in the long run. There are tons of Shopify niche stores out there – from food and beverage, to fashion and cosmetics, and everything in between.

Top Shopify Store Examples

Here is our list of 31 inspiring Shopify stores you can model your online store after:

1. Colour Pop

Colour Pop Homepage

ColourPop is a makeup brand. It uses a light color scheme that allows product images to stand out, with logical navigational elements. This simple design has resulted in the brand having one of the most successful Shopify stores.

Zipia data shows the business is headquartered in Oxnard, California, earns an estimated $45 to $65 million in annual web sales, with 1.6 million monthly visitors.

2. Skims

Skims Homepage

Skims is Kim Kardashian’s booming shapewear brand. (Her sister Kylie Jenner also runs a popular store on Shopify, Kylie Cosmetics, one of the most well known Shopify success stories). If it’s good enough for large global brands like Skims, you can feel confident that it’s good enough for your online business, too.

Skims sells swimwear, shapewear, and intimate wear for every body, regardless of size, shape, or color. It uses a neutral color palette to highlight that the items are for everyone. It’s a fantastic example of how you can combine your brand identity and values with a color scheme.

3. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Homepage

Jeffree Star Cosmetics operates a uniquely designed Shopify website. Star first rose to fame as an American YouTuber who works as a makeup artist. He turned his vlog into his very own makeup brand, leveraging his popularity on social media. In addition to the makeup brand, he has a skincare line and pet goods. The bright colors and loud design are great demonstrations of how you can put color theory to work for your brand. 

While Jeffree Star earns money from his YouTube channel and brand partnerships, his makeup brand is his biggest source of income, earning over $100 million a year.

4. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova Homepage

Easy to navigate and cleanly designed, Fashion Nova is one of the best fashion Shopify stores. A clothing store for men, women, and children, you can easily find whatever you’re searching for. The navigation menu divides the site into five basic categories: Women, Curve, Men, Kids, and Beauty.

The store homepage highlights the latest sale, with a countdown clock to let people know when the sale ends. This visual creates a sense of urgency that prompts visitors to buy. A slider highlights specific popular items, such as “black dresses,” “white dresses,” “shoes,” and “graphics.” As you scroll the page, you see other popular categories, such as dresses, jeans, and denim shorts.

Usability is king here, and it shows in this Shopify shop. FashionNova earns more than $4 million annually.

5. Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress Boutique Homepage

Another clothing store, Red Dress Boutique, targets women who want to purchase clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories. They broke everything down into categories, so it’s easy to shop for whatever it is you need. You can easily see what items are new and check out the designers Red Dress Boutique works with to source products.

The homepage layout makes it easy for people to sign up for email discounts and get answers to their questions regarding shipping and returns, along with learning more about the company.

6. Gym Shark

Gym Shark Homepage

Gym Shark is a beautiful Shopify store that sells workout clothes and accessories for men and women. They sell leggings, sports bras, hoodies, jackets, tank tops, and more. It’s easy to find what you’re shopping for with the simple navigation bar – and the basic black and white color scheme makes the colors stand out, allowing the product to sell itself.

The filter and sort feature is a crucial part of the customer experience for a retail brand. Sorting and filtering make it easier to narrow product offerings by your most important criteria. In a fast-paced world, most customers don’t have time to scroll through pages of options to get to what they want.

7. Cupshe

Cupshe Homepage

Cupshe is a niche fashion industry site, focusing primarily on swimwear, dresses, and coverups.

Shopify Free Trial

The web design here is vibrant, with lots of color and product photos. They call out the fact that they offer financing through Klarna and Afterpay to drive sales. By highlighting their mobile app where you can get exclusive discounts, the brand encourages downloads.

Cupshe knows their target audience lives on their phones, and in particular on social media. They offer plenty of social proof with the built in Instagram feed on the homepage. Showcasing customers with real bodies on beaches around the world wearing their suits is an easy way to boost sales.

Cupshe hit $150 million in revenue in 2021, and it continues to grow each year.

8. Omaze

Omaze Homepage

Omaze is a business based on charitable giving, though it is still for-profit. The platform gives you a chance to win a celebrity experience or a vehicle. When we took this screenshot, they were giving away a custom Bronco to help fund therapy for veterans. Now, they’ve moved on to giving away an electric audit to raise funds for rare pediatric cancer research.

The business model is a bit different from what we see with others on this list – after all, the winning product is a bit different. The brand takes 20% of its donations as profit, then funnels the rest to the cause.

Omaze has a simple site with bold fonts, a black background, and a minimal layout – it’s an excellent example of what you can do with fewer than five pages: All prizes, winners, and about us are the primary bread and butter of the business. The color scheme is equally simplistic, with the only splash of color used to call your attention to buttons.

9. Mnml.la

Mnml.la homepage

Don’t let the site’s name fool you – it’s a solid example of an apparel website. Though it’s not necessarily for budget-conscious shoppers, the imagery does a great job of highlighting the products. The homepage advertises free shipping on orders over $50 and makes it easy to find new products, best sellers, and more. The brand uses influencer marketing to connect with potential customers, as the homepage features its Instagram feed with plenty of user-generated content. Shoppers get a delightful and content-rich shopping experience thanks to beautiful product photography and modern design.

Mnml, pronounced “minimal”, earns over $39 million in annual sales.

10. Popchart

image 1

Using the print on demand model, Popchart offers a chart for everyone. The charts and graphs vary in topic, displaying everything from cocktail recipes to famous skyscrapers. They’ve also moved beyond wall art to include journals, stickers, and interactive pieces like scratch off posters.

Shoppers can select the print size and whether to have the print mounted on a wood panel before shipping. Made in the US, the plywood panels make the prints more durable and easier to hang on a wall. if you’re sending the item as a gift, this small upgrade makes the print look more luxurious.

It’s a simple product offering, but Popchart has tapped into a niche that powers a successful print on demand business.

11. Kith

Kith Homepage

Kith is an online store that does a great job of showing how well Shopify works for blogging. In addition to their product pages loaded with helpful content, there’s an extensive blog highlighting some of their most coveted limited-edition collector’s products.

Kith earns over $152 million in annual web sales, according to GrowJo.

12. Fan Gamer

Fan Gamer Homepage

Fan Gamer targets gamers who want to show their love of the game to the world. The store offers clothes, accessories, books, collectibles, art, and posters. It has product collections for some classic games like Monster Hunter, Stardew Valley, and Metal Gear Solid. A popular game inspires each product to appeal to kids and adults who love to play.

This fantastic online store stays true to its niche with its color choices. It’s easy to navigate and has a particular target audience. This is proof that niching down to a smaller audience isn’t always bad, though they offer a wide variety of products.

13. All Birds

Allbirds Homepage

All Birds is a perfect Shopify store example – you may have already seen it on our list of popular dropshipping stores. They sell shoes with a focus on sustainable materials. They operate the ReRun marketplace, where customers can search for “slightly imperfect and gently used” goods. This saves the shoes from going in the landfill, reducing operations environmental impact. All Birds emphasizes their efforts to save the environment in all their marketing, attracting socially conscious customers.

This is one of many Shopify websites supporting brick-and-mortar stores, as Allbirds has ~20 stores across the USA. It’s easy to find an in-store location for those who’d rather try on shoes in person.

CNBC reports that Allbirds earns over $297 million a year in revenue. They prove that a company can spend a little to minimize environmental impact without losing profits.  

14. Bulletproof

Bulletproof Coffee Homepage

The Bulletproof Coffee store uses bold and bright colors but lets the product speak for itself. As a top Shopify store, it is easy to use. You can browse for coffee, use the store locator to find stores in your local area that carry it, find recipes, and more. A separate category for “health upgrades” includes supplement-enhanced ground coffee pods for single-serving machines. They also offer recipes for healthy snacks.

The Shop tab gives users access to digital aisles where they can find items based on their specific needs and goals. It’s not just coffee but MCT oils, proteins, and natural products.

Shopify Free Trial

15. GFuel

GFuel Homepage

GFuel is gamer fuel – or the energy drink for gamers, made by Gamma Labs. The official drink of e-sports, this is a colorful Shopify store without being hard on the eyes. Balancing bright tones with softer shades to make the design easy on the eye is a core principle of good ecommerce website design.

It’s easy to see that you get free shipping on all US orders, choose specific flavors, and more. G Fuel brings in more than $60 million in revenue annually.

16. Bombas

image 1 1

The inspiration behind Bombas is helping those experiencing homelessness, but the approach really makes the brand stand out. Bombas has a simple mission: to make great socks and apparel while helping those in need. Every time a consumer buys a shirt, pair of socks or underwear, an item is donated to a homeless shelter. Socks, underwear, and shirts are the top requested items among people who are experiencing homelessness. The quality of the products and the ease of helping someone in need has made the company so popular, they have donated 100 million items to date. With an estimated revenue of over $100 million, the company proves that customers want to buy from socially responsible businesses.

17. Rebecca Minkoff

image 1 2

Proving that Shopify’s ecommerce platform can support businesses operating on a global scale, Rebecca Minkoff’s website is packed with slick fashion photography. The simple design and color scheme allow the clothes and accessories to shine. Sales of clothing, shoes, and accessories bring in revenue that is estimated at over $91 million annually.

18. MVMT

image 1 3

From its start on a crowdfunding site, MVMT has grown to become what Forbes calls the fastest growing watch brand in the world. The ecommerce business includes chains and eyewear, but the main offering is affordable timepieces. Most of the brand’s rapid growth has been through social media traffic. Selling watches online instead of in a jewelry store, the brand captured the interest of younger customers with high-quality images. All their success has disproven the idea that young people don’t wear watches.

19. Inspire Uplift

Inspire Uplift Homepage

Inspire Uplift is one of many Shopify stores built as dropshipping websites. They sell products across a wide range of categories, from pet supplies to home and garden and health and beauty.

The store is well designed, which makes it easy for customers to search for products and see a breakdown of categories to shop in. The homepage also displays some of the top-rated items of the week to encourage shoppers to look around the site before deciding what to buy.

20. Citiesocial

CiteSocial Homepage

Citesocial is a Chinese website built on Shopify. Google Translate shows us the store sells everything from mosquito repellant to breathing trainers, massage rollers, and more.

This Shopify store uses a grey scale color scheme so the product images attract the eye with a pop of color. The minimalist design and high-quality images allow the products to do all the speaking.

21. Classic Dad

Classic Dad Homepage

This is another example of a successful Shopify store. It uses the POD model to create a collection of t-shirts targeted at dads. This model makes it super easy for Shopify merchants to run businesses with the potential to grow into massive brands.

22. Pura Vida Bracelets

Puravida Bracelets Homepage

Pura Vida Bracelets’ website excels with its easy-to-navigate interface and high-quality visuals. It offers a unique feature allowing customers to design their own bracelet, enhancing user engagement. The site effectively communicates the company’s mission of providing jobs for artisans worldwide, aligning with social good.

23. Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks

Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks Homepage

Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks’ website captivates with its vibrant, user-friendly design. It highlights their unique product range and packaging, effectively telling the brand’s story of heirloom corn. The site blends transparency and engaging storytelling, offering a memorable user experience.

24. Death Wish Coffee

Deathwish Coffee Homepage

The Death Wish Coffee website excels in design with its visually interesting elements. Its clean layout, coupled with clear headings and categories, enables users to effortlessly find products or information they need. The use of striking images and graphics enhances the overall browsing experience, which is what all websites should strive to do.

25. Goodfair

Goodfair Homepage

The Goodfair website shines in its design, marrying conscious consumerism with a user-friendly interface. It offers a unique thrift store experience by curating quality-checked clothing bundles, thus saving them from landfills. The site also effectively educates visitors about the harmful impacts of fast fashion through statistics on carbon pollution, water waste, and labor violations. These elements, coupled with its visually appealing aesthetics, make Goodfair’s website an inspiring model for sustainable and responsible online shopping.

26. Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase Magazine Homepage

The Uppercase Magazine website is an engaging digital platform that smartly organizes its diverse content into clear categories, creating an easy-to-navigate environment. The visually stimulating design compliments the site’s ethos of creativity and curiosity.

Its commitment to environmental responsibility is highlighted in a dedicated section and reflected in their product offerings. The site provides comprehensive information about ordering and shipping, with an accessible ‘Help’ section for further assistance. It encourages visitor engagement through strong call-to-action buttons, making it a well-rounded platform that beautifully marries functionality, aesthetic appeal, and a commitment to its creative audience.

27. Terrebleu

Terrebleu Homepage

The Terrebleu website is an excellent example of effective web design, with its vibrant colors and British style aesthetic offering an energizing browsing experience. The architecture of the site has been carefully crafted, taking into consideration the needs of the user. Not only does it showcase their diverse product range, from clothing and accessories to wellness products, but it also provides informative content through their blog, The Lavender Journal.

This adds a layer of depth to the user experience, inviting visitors to engage more deeply with the brand. The launch of their new membership program further demonstrates the site’s innovative approach, offering exclusive access to special events and products. Overall, the Terrebleu website successfully combines visual appeal, thoughtful organization, and engaging content to create a memorable digital presence.

28. Bruvi

Bruvi Hoempage

The Bruvi website excellently showcases their innovative coffee system with a sleek, modern design. It offers detailed information about Bruvi’s patented technology and eco-conscious B-Pods®, targeting coffee enthusiasts. The site also emphasizes the brand’s sustainability commitment through a unique pod disposal solution. A combination of appealing visuals and in-depth content makes the Bruvi website inspiring.

29. Cocofloss

Cocofloss Homepage

The Cocofloss website is a prime example of an engaging ecommerce design. It successfully employs vibrant visuals and playful language to create a unique brand personality that sets it apart from other dental care brands. The site’s layout is intuitive, making it easy for customers to navigate through different categories like ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Refills’, and ‘Gifts’.

Shopify Free Trial

It also highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainability and provides educational content through the ‘Why Cocofloss’ section and a regularly updated blog. The website further enhances customer engagement with features like the ‘Smile Quiz’ and incentives through the ‘CocoRewards’ program. Overall, Cocofloss’s online presence effectively blends commerce, education, and community engagement, making it a great model for ecommerce design.

30. Fly by Jing

Fly By Jing Homepage

The Fly By Jing website stands out with its vibrant design, engaging storytelling about the brand’s origin, and vivid imagery. It offers detailed product descriptions, a ‘Recipes’ section for customer engagement, and a ‘Membership’ option for exclusive benefits. Overall, it’s a quality ecommerce design that seamlessly merges storytelling and commerce.

31. Cowboy

Cowboy electric bike homepage

On its Shopify store, Cowboy sells intelligent e-bikes, utilizing superior videos and images on the homepage and across the site. They also provide users with the option to schedule a test ride, allowing potential buyers to experience the product first-hand before making a purchase—a particularly strong strategy for a product with a hefty price tag.

As you can see, the top Shopify stores come from a range of industries. But the inspiration behind each is to keep the design simple and showcase the products. Keep this in mind as you build out your Shopify store.

Additional Shopify Resources:


The number one Shopify store in the USA is ColourPop Cosmetics. It has an Alexa rank of 3,311.

To find the most successful Shopify stores in terms of traffic volume, visit myip.ms. Paste in the IP address: and click “Whois Lookup.” This is the Shopify IP address, so if you click “Other Sites on IP,” you’ll get a list of all the sites using Shopify to power their online store. You can use report filtering functions to determine which stores are the most popular and what their most in demand products are.

Shopify is most popular in the United States, where data shows over 1 million live stores using the platform. It is growing in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, with 65K, 45K, and 38K sites, respectively.

Getting Started with Your Shopify Store

Getting your own Shopify website is a simple process. If you’re ready to start, you must sign up for your free trial, choose your theme, and add apps, products, and content. Take inspiration from one of the sites here, or customize the site to look exactly how you want it. Spend some time getting high-quality images and crafting product descriptions. You may need to add external payment gateways to offer payment options and connect with a fulfillment center to get the products shipped out. When everything’s ready to go, add your billing information. This will remove the password protection from your store.

Whether you choose to use a free theme, or invest a few hundred dollars into a premium theme, you’ll have a solid architecture to build a successful Shopify store with.

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